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Welcome to the Aikido Resolutions Foundation.
We are a traditional Aikido dojo that teaches conflict resolution thru the understanding of Aikido principles and philosophy.

In nearly every aspect of our lives we encounter some form of conflict. Conflict itself is neither good or bad, but the outcome can be. Stress in our daily lives can be a major cause of conflict and is rising at an alarming rate in our high schools, colleges, and in the work place. Many adults have a difficult time resolving conflicts in a manner that restores order. We will give you the tools necessary to find positive outcomes in difficult situations, tools that will last a lifetime. Learning conflict resolution is a long process not a short one. But, by using the physical and philosophical aspects of Aikido as a blueprint for emotional conflict resolution, the student can learn to stay in control of themselves even in the midst of a difficult circumstance.


The word Aikido means “the way of harmonizing energy”. Aikido is a Japanese martial art founded by Morihei Ueshiba, O’ Sensei, in the 1920’s. The youngest of the traditional budo arts of Japan, Aikido is nonetheless one that is firmly grounded in ancient disciplines and a timeless philosophy.

Through Aikido training, we learn to use the principles of harmony and circular motion to blend with the energy of an attack that is directed at us. We also develop an awareness of the unity of mind and body to help facilitate our application into our daily stresses with “living calmness”. Our “shugyo” (training) is to carry the feelings of harmony and awareness into our daily lives to allow us to become better people. This is the ultimate goal of Aikido.


Why Study a Martial Art?
“Why study the martial arts? A true martial artist does not train to only defeat others. He trains also to defeat the enemies inside himself, the enemies we all have. He trains to forge his life into something beautiful, something helpful to the world. He wishes not to draw a sword, but to put it away-once and for all. He can do this because through his training, peace is not just a word or an idea to him. Strength, bravery, compassion: these are not just words to him. They are things he has embodied. They are what he has become”.
— Fumio Toyoda Shihan, Founder Aikido Association of America


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